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Why do kids need to see a chiropractor?

While there is actually a variety of reasons for a child to see a chiropractor, the primary reason children see a chiropractor is for wellness. Many parents nowadays are choosing to be proactive with their children’s health, rather than reactive.  Many of our parents bring their newborn infants to our office on the way home from the hospital, before even going to the pediatrician.

Other common reasons for children to see a chiropractor include difficulty nursing, colic, and ear/sinus infections, which are all conditions often caused by problems with the upper neck that likely were caused by physical stress during the birth process such as C-section or forceps delivery. Parents also bring their kids to a chiropractor for care of colds and flu-like issues.


Is it safe to be adjusted while pregnant?

Absolutely! In fact, chiropractic care is very beneficial during pregnancy. Not only does it allow for the mother to feel her best throughout the entire process but by balancing the nervous system, relieving stress, improving pelvic alignment and decreasing any tightness in the pelvic muscles/ligaments, studies have shown that chiropractic care during pregnancy leads to faster and easier deliveries.  It is important to begin care early in your pregnancy to address structural/neurological imbalance BEFORE the stress of the weight of the baby begins to affect your body.  If there is a faulty foundation to begin with (even if you FEEL fine), the added stress from altered body weight will only increase the problem.

Do you accept my insurance?

Fort Valley Family Chiropractic is not in direct contract with some insurance companies.  Being a family practice, we like to have the option to make our care affordable for multiple family members.  When an office is contracted with an insurance company, you are unable to offer time of service discounts.  Our patient's often find that our cash discounts are more substantial than their insurance benefits.   We will  verify your insurance benefits and discuss your options before any services are provided.   

We do accept HSA and FLEX spending accounts!

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