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Why will YOU choose fort valley family chiropractic?

There are many reasons people come to see us.  Five different ways you can choose to let chiropractic care benefit you are:


  1. Relief Care – This is the reason many people seek out  chiropractic care and the care plan addresses the underlying cause of their reason for seeking care.​

  2. Corrective Care – Symptoms will improve, and your care plan will begin to focus on gaining strength and optimizing function for lasting results.

  3. Maintenance Care– These periodic visits serve to maintain the level of wellness you have achieved, and will help prevent relapses of past issues. 

  4. Preventative Care – These visits are relatively infrequent and serve the purpose of early detection, which may help catch small issues before they become symptomatic or chronic.

  5. Wellness Care – With a care plan designed according to the unique needs and health goals of each patient, wellness care is designed to help you live up to your bodies inborn potential.

By the way...there is a rumor going around out there.  You know, the one that once you see a chiropractor you can never stop going?


It's not true.  

At Fort Valley Family Chiropractic, our responsibility is to assist you in whatever way you choose to receive care and make recommendations based on our extensive and unique training and experience...although we would love to have all of our patients fully involved in making healthy lifestyle choices and being proactive in their own health and wellness, it is your responsibility to decide what level of care you are willing to commit to.


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